About us

The Zingiberi Bakery is a small,  yet multi award winning artisan bakery based in Herne Bay on the north Kent coast. We are a family business, and can trace our Kentish roots back for at least a thousand years, Joan of Kent (1328- 1385) is a distant cousin!


Over many years, Zingiberi's owner and Head Baker, Amanda Beattie, often made oat cookies for family and friends. After being told quite often, ‘that is the best cookie I have ever tasted!’, she and her partner Iain started The Zingiberi Bakery. Originally also baking gingerbread, hence the name zingiberi, the ancient Greek ‘root’ for ginger, they quickly realised that their oat cookies were much more popular.


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Sourcing the finest local ingredients and baking with passion, we hand bake small batches of oat sweet cookies and savoury crackers.

The Captain’s Cookie range is made with real butter and we produce; a Gluten Free cookie, Oat & Honey, Oat & Raisin, Goji Berry & White Chocolate, Maple Syrup & Pecan and a seasonal Christmas Cookie (with dark chocolate, cranberries and spices). Our ‘flagship’ cookie, in The Captain’s Cookie range is Apple & Hazelnut. They are made using Kentish Bramley apples that we air dry and prepare ourselves. This results in, what we think, is the finest tasting and moreish cookie.

 In 2015 we created a Kentish cracker- The Captain's Crackers- it is oat based, made with Kentish honey, cracked black pepper, sea salt and filled with seeds. They are wheat and dairy free, and the perfect accomaniment to your favourite cheese, chutney or simply on their own. We have since added three varieties to our cracker range- Kentish Ale & Rosemary, Chive & Chia and Warm Chilli. 

On 1st October 2018 we went plastic free- so all our packaging is now recyclable and compostable.


If to be born English is to win the lottery of life, then to be born Kentish is to win it twice.
— The Captain