The Captain's Cookies

With a passion for local produce and good ingredients we have developed a range of traditional premium hand baked cookies. Our Kentish apple and cobnut cookies, or 'Cobknobs', are made with locally sourced Kentish Bramley apples, which are 'air dried' by us, as well as our hand roasted 'golden' cobnuts grown in the heart of the Garden of England.

Peanut_March_2016 046a.jpg


Our sweet cookies are so oaty and chewy

As well as Kentish Apple & Cobnut, we produce a variety of different flavours such as Gluten Free, Oat & Honey, Goji Berry & White Chocolate, Pecan & Maple Syrup and Oat and Raisin. Occasionally, we also bake special edition cookies, for example The Captain's Christmas Cookies are made using Kentish dark chocolate, cranberries and seasonal spices.


If I told you how good this cookie is, I wouldn’t have time to finish the other five!
— Pete from Kent